Chewong Myths and Legends

Monograph 11
Chewong Myths and Legends
By Signe Howell
136pp. Size: 180x250mm. Softcover


    Part I: Origins
  • Creation of the first humans
  • How the Chewong were taught to behave properly
  • How the Chewong got fire and other cultural artifacts
  • Earth Six
  • How Tohan remakes Earth Seven
  • How the Malays came to Malaya
  • How the jungle people lost their ability to read and write
  • How the sun lost her children
  • How tigers came to eat humans
  • Tohan's knife
  • Tanko
  • Part II: Hidden Identities
  • A: Humans Wearing Animal, Plant, or Ugly Cloak
  • The spider man
  • The snake husband
  • The mango man
  • The monitor lizard man
  • The girl with a squirrel cloak
  • Chan Med-kato o The wasp in the stone
  • Bongso Lanogn
  • Ta' Prasam
  • B: Animals or Plants Wearing Human Cloak
  • The porcupine woman
  • The palm heart woman
  • The frog woman
  • The jilaegen woman
  • The monkey wife
  • The pandanus woman
  • Ta' Tayog and Komai Bill
  • The taba man
  • C: Humans Born in Animal Cloak
  • The siamang child
  • The crab child
  • Part III: Harmful Beings
  • A: Original Non-human Beings
  • How bas were made
  • The deer ghost
  • The totn fruit woman
  • Ta' Kae
  • Ya' Popag
  • The toad "ghosts"
  • B: Metamorphorsed Humans
  • The man who became bas
  • Grandfather's ghost
  • Ta' Tatrahoi
  • The cockroach people
  • The man who became tiger
  • The man who became dog
  • Part IV: Rules
  • Snake talaiden
  • Snake talaiden
  • Storm talaiden
  • Siamang with binturong talaiden
  • Tiger talaiden
  • Pre fruit punen
  • The bear man who ate alone
  • The goll tree ghost
  • Tiger punen
  • The man who slept with his daughter-in-law
  • The mouse-deer
  • When the moon fell down
  • Part V: Bongso Legends
  • The elephant who abducted a girl
  • Bongso and the elephants
  • The ghost under the rambutan tree
  • The bats which carried Bongso to the sea
  • Bongso who saved the child
  • The star that married Bongso
  • Bongso Halog
  • The macaque
  • Bongso who went to Earth Six for fruit
  • Bujaegen Komarr
  • The moskin who fell from Earth Six
  • Bongso who was brought up by the snakes
  • Bongso Panchaw
  • The ghost who took her daughter's ruwai
  • Part VI: Miscellanous
  • Ta' Tahala of the Man with the sharp penis
  • The man who wised to see a live tiger
  • The Batak
  • The turtle king


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