Sejarah Kerajaan Perlis 1841-1957

Monograph 32
Sejarah Kerajaan Perlis 1841-1957
By Julie Tang Su Chin
370pp. Size:140x220mm. Hardcover

This book presents the interesting history of the origins of the state and Kingdom of Perlis and narrates how its rulers succeeded in creating the state's own political identity and in breaking away from the control of Kedah during the period 1841 to 1957. With wisdom and diplomacy, the rulers of Perlis manipulated Siam, the British and Kedah one after the other and succeeded in safeguarding and strengthening the state's autonomy.

This work was originally submitted as a Master of Arts thesis to the Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2000. The MBRAS Council considers it a pioneering work of Malaysian history and has accordingly awarded the Tan Sri Mubin Sheppard Memorial Prize to its author Julie Tang Su Chin.

Kependekan dan Catalan

  1. Pengenalan
  2. Penubuhan Kerajaan, 1778-1841
  3. Pergelutan Memelihara Kerajaan, 1897-1930
  4. Perjanjian Perils-British 1930: Pengukuhan Kerajaan
  5. Isu Perlantikan Raja
  6. Pembentukan Kerajaan Berperlembagaan, 1945-1957
  7. Kesimpulan
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