Historians & their Disciplines: The Call of Southeast Asian History

Monograph 40
Historians & Their Disciplines: The Call of Southeast Asian History
Edited by Nicholas Tarling
202pp. Size: 146x222mm. Hardcover.

Intended both for students and scholars, this unique compilation of personal essays is probably the first of its kind by a group of eminent historians, researchers, writers and teachers speclializing in Southeast Asia. The group, as a collective unit, has not found any biographers before and not a few are too modest to write about themselves. They consist of a number of 'veterans' - indeed, almost all are household names for anybody familiar with Southeast Asian history - who have been invited by Professor Nicholas Tarling to comment on the way each became immersed in Southeast Asian history, the development of this field of study over the past decades and the future that awaits it. As a result these intimate and highly readable accounts, mainly semi-autobiographical in nature, are not merely illuminating but also reveal many 'trade secrets', the various reasons behind their choice of a particular area of specialization, and how they went on to pursue their research interests, academic careers and writing on their chosen subjects.

This is a companion volume to "New Perspectives and Research on Malaysian History", a collection of essays on Malaysian historiography that was published by the MBRAS to coincide with its 130th anniversary celebrations in August 2007.


  1. Introduction by Nicholas Tarling
  2. A British View of Thailand and Southeast Asia by Nigel Brailey
  3. Forty-one years in the fields: A Backward glance by David P. Chandler
  4. How I got into Malaysian History by Cheah Boon Kheng
  5. An Amateur Historian by John Gullick
  6. Chance and Circumtances: A Gradual Journey towards Asian studies by John D. Legge
  7. Becoming and Indonesianist – but an unbecoming historian by Jamie Mackie
  8. Imagining Southeast Asia by Ruth T. McVey
  9. A Life with Vietnam by David Marr
  10. The call of Southeast Asian History by Ian Nish
  11. Serendipity, or discovering Lao History by Martin Stuart-Fox
  12. Down Chancery Lane by Nicholas Tarling
  13. Reflections of a Pioneer by Ken Tregonning
  14. The Pull of Southeast Asia by Wang Gungwu
  15. My Involvement in Thai historical studies by Yoneo Iishi
  16. ‘Political in Command’: Stuyding Chinese leadership in British Malaya by Yong Ching Fatt
  17. Select Bibliography

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