Studies in Malaysian & Singapore History

Monograph 42
Studies in Malaysian & Singapore History
Mubin Sheppard Memorial Essays

Edited by Dr Bruce Lockhart and Lim Tse Siang
208pp. Size: 139x216mm. Softcover

Almost every year history undergraduates at the honours level at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have been given the option to undertake research and write a thesis on their choice of topic in their fourth year before graduation. This is part of their professional training as historians. The Society is happy to publish this volume containing the best history graduation essays for the 2008/2009 academic year. The essays, selected and edited for publication under the Society's Mubin Sheppard Memorial Fund, demonstrate each student's competence and ability to apply research methods, adopt critical perspectives and approaches and present an original interpretation and analysis of issues and problems in Malaysian and Singapore history.

Foreword by Dr Cheah Boon Kheng
Introduction by Bruce Lockhart and Lim Tse Siang

  1. Relocated and Redefined: The History of Evicted Datuk Gongs in Singapore by Chiew Jing Wen
  2. Enabling the Singapore Story: Writing a History of Disability by Victor Zhuang Kuan Song
  3. The Proclamation of Independence Memorial in Malacca: History, Memory and Silences by Eisen Teo
  4. Under the Skin: Anxieties of the Domestic Realm in the Maria Hertogh Controversy by Christina Wu
  5. The Imperial Locomotive: A Study of the Railway System in British Malaya 1885-1942 by Lim Tse Siang
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