Pre-Colonial State Systems in Southeast Asia

Monograph 6
Pre-Colonial State Systems in Southeast Asia
Edited by Anthony Reid and Lance Castles
135pp. Size: 140x220mm. Softcover


Introduction by Anthony Reid and Lance Castles

    Malay Peninsula: The Malay World
  1. The Structure of Power in 17th Century Johor by Leonard Andaya
  2. Concepts of State in the Tuhfat al Nafis by Virginia Matheson
  3. The Nature of the State in 18th Century Perak by Barbara Watson Andaya
  4. Kedah - The Development of a Malay State by Diane Lewis

  5. Sumatra: Central Sumatra and Malaya
  6. Trade and the Problem of Royal Power in Aceh c. 1550-1700 by Anthony Reid
  7. State and Statecraft in 17th Century Aceh by L.F. Brakel
  8. Statelessness and Stateforming Tendencies among the Bataks before Colonial Rule by Lance Castles
  9. The Exercise of Authority in Minangkabau in the late 18th Century by Christine Dobbin

  10. Bali: Bali and Lombok
  11. The Nature of Balinese Rule on Lombok by Alfons van der Kraan
  12. Preliminary Remarks on the concept of Kingship in the Babad Buleleng by P.J. Worsley

  13. Celebes: South Celebes
  14. The Nature of Kingship in Bone by Leonard Andaya
  15. The Emergence of Civilisation in South Celebes and Elsewhere by C.C. Macknight

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