The first ever monograph that was published by the MBRAS in 1964 was a sociological study of a Malay village in Johore by veteran politician and academic Dr Syed Husin Ali. Since then, the MBRAS has gone on to publish ground-breaking studies on subjects which were relatively obscure at the time but in which much scholastic activity has taken place since. On this page is a complete list of all MBRAS monographs which have appeared as supplementary publications to the biannual Journal.

It is a matter of much regret to the Society that many of these titles are no longer obtainable now and have consequently become collector's items.

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Monograph 1
Social Stratification in Kampong Bagan: A Study of Class, Status, Conflict and Mobility in a Rural Malay Community

By Syed Husin Ali
170pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 2
The Civil War in Kelantan in 1839

By Cyril Skinner
176pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 3
Raniri and the Wujudiyyah of 17th Century Acheh

By Syed Muhammad Naguib Al-Attas
153pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 4
An Historical Geography of Pahang

By Dr. R.G. Cant
185pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 5
Rain Forest Collectors and Traders: A Study of Resource Utilization in Modern and Ancient Malaya

By F.L. Dunn
159pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 6
Pre-Colonial State Systems in Southeast Asia

By Anthony Reid,L.F. Brakel,Leonard Andaya et al.
135pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 7
Mammals of Borneo

By Lord Medway
172pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 8
British Policy and Malay Politics During the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948

By A.J. Stockwell
210pp Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 9
Babad Dipanagara: An Account of the Outbreak of the Java War (1825-1830)

By P.B.R. Carey
491pp. Size: 150x240mm Softcover
Monograph 10
Social Relations of Dependence in a Malay State: 19th Century Perak

By Patrick Sullivan
102pp. Size: 170x250mm Softcover
Monograph 11
Chewong Myths and Legends

By Signe Howell
136pp. Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 12
Kedah: Tradition and Change in a Malay State: a Study of the Economic and Political Development 1878-1923

By Sharom Ahmat
225pp. Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 13
The Syair Mukomuko: Some Historical Aspects of a Nineteenth Century Sumatran Court Chronicle

By J. Kathirithamby-Wells and Muhammad Yusoff Hashim
143pp. Size: 180x250mm
Monograph 14
Holding the Fort: Melaka Under Two Flags 1795-1845

By Brian Harrison
160pp. Size: 180x250mm Softcover
Monograph 15
Colemans Singapore

By T.H.H. Hancock
94pp. Size: 250x290mm Hardcover
Monograph 16
Naning in Melaka

By Jonathan Cave
767pp. Size: 180x260mm Hardcover
Monograph 17
Syair Perang Siak

By Donald. J. Goudie
280pp. Size: 180x260mm Hardcover
Monograph 18
Pahang 1880-1933: A Political History

By Aruna Gopinath
273pp. Size: 150x220mm Hardcover
Monograph 19
Raja Bongsu of Sulu

By Robert Nicholl
82pp. Size: 140x220mm Hardcover
Monograph 20
Sriwijaya History, Religion & Language of an Early Malay Polity

195pp. Size:190x250mm Hardcover
Monograph 21
History of Kelantan 1890-1940

by Shahril Talib
243pp. Size:140x220mm Softcover
Monograph 22
The MBRAS Book of Over 1,600 Malay Proverbs with Explanations in English

Compiled by E.S. Hose
195pp. Size:190x250mm Hardcover
Monograph 23
The Tigers of Trengganu

By A. Locke
207pp. Size: 140x220mm Softcover
Monograph 24
Refugee From the Japanese

By Dorothy Thatcher and Robert Cross
184pp. Size: 140x220mm Softcover
Monograph 25
Glimpses of Selangor 1860-1898

By J.M. Gullick
247pp. Size: 140x220mm Softcover
Monograph 26
The Guthrie Flagship: United Sua Betong

By C.N. Parkinson
148pp. Size: 150x220mm Hardcover
Monograph 27
From Poor Migrant to Millionaire: Chan Wing 1873-1947

By Chan King Nui
96pp. Size: 150x220mm Softcover
Monograph 28
A History of Selangor 1766-1939

By J.M. Gullick
291pp. Size: 140x220mm Softcover
Monograph 29
A History of Kuala Lumpur 1856-1939

By J.M. Gullick
308pp. Size: 155x230mm Softcover
Monograph 30
The Prize Winning Sheppard Memorial Prize Historical Essays 1998

109pp. Size:140x220mm Softcover
Monograph 31
The Making of the Malayan Constitution

By Joseph M. Fernando
250pp. Size:140x220mm Hardcover
Monograph 32
Sejarah Kerajaan Perlis 1841-1957

By Julie Tang Su Chin
370pp. Size:140x220mm Hardcover
Monograph 33
A History of Negri Sembilan

By J.M. Gullick
220pp. Size: 150x225mm Hardcover
Monograph 34
The Malay Muslims, Islam and the Rising Sun 1941-1945

By Abu Talib Ahmad
288pp Size: 150x225mm Hardcover
Monograph 35
Raja Bilah and the Mandailing in Perak: 1875-1911

By Abdur-Razzad Lubis and Khoo Salma Nasution
278pp Size: 221x300mm Hardcover
Monograph 36
Kongsi Gelap Melayu Di Negeri-Negeri Utara Pantai Barat Semenanjung Tanah Melayu 1821-1940-an

By Mahani Musa
200pp Size: 142x215mm Softcover
Monograph 37
The Penang Po Leung Kuk: Chinese Women, Prostitution and a Welfare Organisation

By Neil Khor Jin Keong and Khoo Keat Siew
192pp Size: 158x218mm Hardcover
Monograph 38
Murder Most Foul: A Panorama of Social Life in Melaka from the 1780s to the 1820s

By Radin Fernando
132pp Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Monograph 39
Malay Secret Societies in the Northern Malay States, 1821-1940s

By Mahani Musa
185pp Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Monograph 40
Historians & their Disciplines: The Call of Southeast Asian History

By Nicholas Tarling
202pp Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Monograph 41
New Perspectives and Research on Malaysian History

By Cheah Boon Kheng
270pp Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Monograph 42
Studies in Malaysian & Singapore History

Edited by Dr Bruce Lockhart & Lim Tse Siang
208pp Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Monograph 43
Letters of Sincerity: The Raffles Collection of Malay Letters (1780-1824) A Descriptive Account with Notes and Translation

By Ahmat Adam
440pp. Size: 146x222mm Hardcover
Monograph 44
Victorious Wives: The Disguised Heroine in 19th-Century Malay Syair

By Mulaika Hijjas
332pp Size: 151x229mm Softcover

Monograph 45
The Portuguese and the Straits of Melaka 1575-1619

By Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto
405pp Size: 151x229mm Hardcover
Monograph 46
Di Antara Dasar dan Kesan: Hubungan Ekonomi, Penduduk dan Penyakit Di Tanah Melayu Di Bawah Pentadbiran British

By Badriyah Haji Salleh, Emily binti Kaudon, Chew Lam Teik and Hanita Hanim binti Darus
253pp Size: 140x220mm Softcover

Monograph 48
Perniagaan Haji Pulau Pinang dan Dokumentasi Sultan Kedah

By Siti Amirah Abdullah, Mohd Kasturi Nor Abd Aziz and Abu Talib Ahmad
305pp Size: 140x215mm Softcover
Monograph 50
Through Turbulent Terrain: Trade of the Straits Port of Penang

By Loh Wei Leng with Jeffery Seow
273pp Size: 150x230mm Softcover

Monograph 51
Jacques de Morgan's Explorations in the Malay Peninsula, 1884

By Andrée Jaunay, with contributions by Christine Lorre, Antonio J. Guerreiro and Antoine Verney
225pp Size: 210x270mm Softcover

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