Singapore 150 Years

Reprint 1

150th Anniversary of the Founding of Singapore Commemorative Reprint
Edited by Tan Sri Datuk Mubin Sheppard
317pp. Size: 160x240mm. Softcover


Introduction by Eunice Thio

Part 1. Ancient Singapore
1. Singapore in the Remote Past by Hsu Yun-Ts'iao (JMBRAS 45.I. 1-9)
2. Tumasek or Old Singapore by R.O. Winstedt (JMBRAS 13.I. 31-6)
3. Lung-Ya-Men and Tan Ma Hsi by Ronald Braddell (JMBRAS 23.I. 37-51)
4. Temasek and Singapura: an extract from the Malay Annals translated by C.C. Brown (JMBRAS 25.II. 23-31)
5. Who's Who in The Malay Annals. Part I by P.E. de Josselin de Jong (JMBRAS 34.II. 6-11)
6. Old Singapore by R.J. Wilkinson (JMBRAS 13.II. 17-21)
7. Gold Ornaments dug up at Fort Canning, Singapore by R.O. Winstedt (JMBRAS 6.IV. 1-14)
8. The Kings of 14th Century Singapore by W. Linehan (JMBRAS 20.II. 117-27)
9. The Founder of Malacca by P.V. van Stein Callenfels (JMBRAS 15.II. 160-6)

Part 2. Modern Singapore
1. The Landing of Raffles in Singapore by an Eye Witness (JSBRAS, 10. 285-86)
2. The Landing of Raffles at Singapore by W.H. Read (JSBRAS, 12. 282-83)
3. The Founding of Singapore by W.E. Maxwell (JSBRAS, 4. 104-13)
4. The Founding of Singapore by T.S. Raffles (JSBRAS, 2. 175-82)
5. The Founding of Singapore described by 'Munshi Abdullah' Translated by A.H. Hill (JMBRAS 28.III. 125-32 & 137-49)
6. The Date of Munshi Abdullah's first visit to Singapore by C.A. Gibson-Hill (JMBRAS 28.I. 191-5)
7. The Population of Singapore in 1819 by W. Bartley (JMBRAS 11.II. 177)
8. The Orang Laut of Singapore by W.w. Skeat and H.N. Ridley (JSBRAS, 33. 247-50)
9. The Orang Laut of Singapore River and the Sampan Panjang by C.A. Gibson-Hill (JMBRAS, 25.I. 161-74)
10. Singapore from the Sea by H.F. Pearson (JMBRAS, 26.I. 43-55)
11. Lt. Jackson's Plan of Singapore by H.F. Pearson (JMBRAS, 26.I. 200-4)
12. Letters of Nathaniel Wallich 1822 by Dr. R. Hanitsch (JSBRAS, 65. 39-48)
13. Letters of Col. Nahuijs, 1824 by H. Eric Miller (JMBRAS,19.II. 191-99)
14. Notes on the Educational Policy of Sir Stamford Raffles by G.G. Hough (JMBRAS, 11.II. 166-70)
15. The Singapore Chronicle by C.A. Gibson-Hill (JMBRAS 26.I. 175-99)
16. The Vernacular Press in the Straits by E.W. Birch (JSBRAS, 4. 51-5)
17. Native Names of Streets in Singapore by H.T. Houghton (JSBRAS, 23. 49-65)
18. The Effect of Opening the Suez Canal on the Trade and Development of Singapore by G.E. Bogaars (JMBRAS 28, I 99-143)
19. Tan Tock Seng's Hospital, Singapore by Arthur Knight (JSBRAS, 64. 72-5)
20. The Old Cemetery on Fort Canning by H.A. Stallwood (JSBRAS 61. 77-126)

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