A History of Classical Malay Literature

Reprint 12
A History of Classical Malay Literature
By Sir Richard Winstedt
Revised, edited and introduction by Y.A. Talib
266pp. Size:180x260mm. Hardcover

Author's Preface

  1. The Malay Language and Literature
  2. Malay Folk Liteature: - (a) Mythology, Riddles, Proverbs and Clock-Stories; (b) Beast Fables and the Hikayat Pelandok Jenaka (c) Farcical Tales and the Hikayat Mahashodhak (d) Folk Romances
  3. The Hindu Period:- (a) Indian eprics (b) Shadow-play plots founded on the Indian epics (c) Romances of the Hindu period
  4. A Javanese Element:- Tales from the Majapahit Shadow-plays, and the Hikayat Hang Tuah
  5. From Hinuism to Islam:- Malay romances of the transition
  6. The Coming of Islam and Islamic literature
  7. Muslim Legends:- (a) Pre-Islamic Heroes, Iskandar Dhu'l-Karnaian, Amir Hamza, Raja Jumjumah, Saif Dhu'l-Yazan, Ibrahim ibn Adham (b) Tales of the Prophet (c) Adventures of People about Prophet, Muhammad Hanafiah, Tamim ad-Dari, Sama'un, Abu-Samah (d) the Malayo-Muslim story of raja Handak
  8. Cycles of Tales from Muslim Sources:-Hikayat Bayan Budiman, Hikayat Kalila dan Damina, The Bakhtiar cycle (Hikayat Bakhtiar and Hikayat Golam)
  9. Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and History
  10. Malay Histories
  11. Digests of Law
  12. Munshi 'Abdu'llah
  13. Malay Poetry-Rhythmical verse; the Sha'ir; the Pantun
Appendix – Outlines of the following Malay works
Hikayat Pandawa Jaya
Hikayat Sang Boma (or Sang Samba)
Hikayat Chekel-Waneng-Pati
Hikayat Ahmad Muhammad
Hikayat Shah-i Mardan
Hikayat Amir Hamza (part)
Hikayat Muhammad Hanafiah
Hikayat Saif Dhu'l Yazan
Hikayat Sama'un
Hikayat Raja Handak
Hikayat Bakhtiar
Hikayat Kalila dan Damina
Taj a's-salatin


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