Southeast Asia - China Interactions

Reprint 25
Southeast Asia - China Interactions: Reprint of articles from the Journal of the Malaysian Branch, Royal Asiatic Society
Selected and introduced by Geoff Wade With a foreword by Wang Gungwu
620pp. Size: 184x260mm. Hardcover

The relations between the societies and states of Southeast Asia and China have been of enormous significance to both these regions, extending back for literally thousands of years. This useful single-volume edition of key studies on Southeast Asia-China interactions, which were first published in the Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society(and its precursors), includes classics such as Wang Gungwu's The Nanhai Trade, and Paul Wheatley's Geographical Notes On Some Commodities Involved in Sung Maritime Trade. In this compendium, eighteen studies examine political, social and economic interactions, as well as the flows of people and technologies which have tied these regions together over that period. The work provides a comprehensive summation of the Southeast Asia-China historical relationship, while locating the various individual works in their broader context. With the studies organised chronologically by the period they address, readers can scan the Southeast Asia-China relationship over an enormous sweep of history.

Today, as we witness China's re-emergence as a global power, it is essential for us to understand that East Asia has long existed as a region of interactions, with China and Southeast Asia forming major parts of this system. By studying the history of these interactions - the patterns and processes of the links, the conditioning events and trends, political hegemonies, trade patterns, technological exchanges and migrations, and individual accomplishments as well as institutional and organizational change - we may be better equipped to understand what is now taking place around us. This volume will assist us in this endeavour.

Production Notes

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