A History of Perak

Reprint 3
A History of Perak
By R.O. Winstedt and R.J. Wilkinson
226pp. Size: 160x250mm. Hardcover



I. Early Civilisations and Primitive Tribes
II. The Coming of the Malays
III. The Portuguese Period
IV. Perak under the Achinese
V. The Dutch and Perak
VI. Bugis, Siam and the British East India Company
VII. The Chinese Miners of Larut
VIII. British Intervention
IX. The first British Resident
X. Protection

a. Perak Versions of the Malacca Dynastic Legends
b. A Perak Dynastic Legend
c. The Perak Dynasty
d. The Perak Chiefs
e. The Perak Naubat or Royal Band
f. A Perak Palace
g. The Regalia and Royal Heirlooms
h. The Guardian Genies of the State
i. Sultan 'Abdu'llah's Seance
j. The Chiri or Coronation Address
k. Bibliography


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