The Early History of the Cocos-Keeling Islands
Reprint 31
The Colourful Early History of the Cocos-Keeling Islands (Previously published in JMBRAS Vol. XXV Parts 4-5, No. 160, June 1953 and December 1952)
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Documents relating to John Clunies Ross, Alexander Hare and the early history of the settlement on the Cocos-Keeling Islands, edited, with an introduction & notes , by C.A. Gibson-Hill, M.A. Preface
The Cocos of Keeling Islands, by James Horsburgh
A Memorandum on the Island of Borneo, by John Clunies Ross
Extracts from a Journal kept by John Clunies Ross
The Banjermassin Outrage, a letter by James Simpson, advocate
New Settlement at the Keeling Island, a letter by James Horsburg
The Petition of John Clunies Ross to H.E. The Governor of Mauritius
The Memorial of John Clunies Ross to the King's Most Excellent Majesty
Description of the Cocos- or Keeling-Islands, by H. van der Jagt
Extracts from Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Owen's report to the Admiralty on the visit of H.M. Sloop Comet (A.A. Sandilands Cmdr) to Cocos in March-April 1830
Some Account of the Cocos of Keeling Islands: and of their recent Settlement, anonymous
First letter from John Clunies Ross to Rear-Admiral Sir T. Bladen Capel, K.C.B., not dated but apparently written between August 1835 and January 1836
Brief Account of .... certain people whom .... Alex. Hare .... disembarked upon the Cocos Isles, by John Clunies Ross, not dated
On the formation of the oceanic islands in general, and of the coraline in particular, by J.C. Ross
Extracts from the account of the visit of H.M. Surveying Vessel Beagle to the islands (in April 1836), published by Charles Darwin and Cmdr Robert Fitzroy
Extracts from the second letter from John Clunies Ross to Sir T. Bladen Capel, dated Trincomalee, June 1837
Extracts from Rear-Admiral Sir Fred L. Maitland's report on the visit of H.M. Sloop Pelorus (Francis Harding Cmdr) to Cocos, December 1837
Memorandum prepared for Captain Smith (formerly of the British barque Asia); undated, but presumably written circa February 1845 (transcribed from an MS copy at Cocos, in 1941
Extracts from Journal of Occurences at the Cocos Isles by J.C. Ross, headed 12 November 1845
Extracts from The Singapore Free Press 26 Nov. 1857
A. Notes on the Principal MS Sources
B. H.M. Vessels visiting Cocos before 1840
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