A Centenary Volume: 30 Articles selected between 1878-1976
Reprint 4
A Centenary Volume: 30 Articles selected between 1878-1976
Edited by Tan Sri Datuk Mubin Sheppard
358pp. Size:180x250mm. Softcover

The Founding of Singapore
A Malay Nautch
Shamanism in Perak
The Antiquity of Malacca
Baba Malay
Karamat: Sacred Places & Persons in Malaya
The Pengkalan Kempas ‘Saint’
Court Language & Etiquette of the Malays
Pulai: An Early Chinese Settlement
Malaya in the Wu-Pei-Chi Charts
The Malay Coins of Malacca
Recent Malay Literature
Chinese Settlement in Malacca
Notes Ancient Times in Malaya Parts 4&5
Malay Festivals & Some Aspects of Malaya Religious Life
Singing Pre-History
Weaving Industry in Trengganu
The Nobat & the Orang Kalau of Perak
The Elimination of Slavery in North Borneo
The Investigations at Johore Lama
Boats of Local Origin Employed in Malayan Fishing Industry
The Keris & Other Malay Weapons
The Stability of the Chinese Population in Singapore
Historial Sketch of Penang in 1794
Kuala Lumpur in 1884
Expedition to Trengganu and Kelantan in 1895
Traditional Malay House Forms in Trengganu and Kelantan
Batu Tarsilah: The Genealogical Tablet of the Sultans of Brunei
The Trengganu Inscription in Malayan Legal History
Brief Biographical Notes

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