A History of Johore

Reprint 6
A History of Johore
By R.O. Winstedt
240pp. Size: 160x250mm. Softcover

Preface by Dr. Khasnor Johan
Author's Preface Introduction

  1. Ancient Johor
  2. Hindu and Malacca Ancestors
  3. The Founding of Johor - Bintan, Sayonng, Johor Lama
  4. Johor, Portugal, Holland and Acheh - Batu Sawar and Makam Tauhid
  5. Johor, Holland, Jambi, Pahang - Makam Tauhid, Batu Sawar, Riau
  6. Raja Kechil and the Bugis - Panchor, Riau, Johor Lama, Riau
  7. Riau and the Bugis
  8. At Riau under the Dutch
  9. The Last Phase of the Historic Kingdom - Lingga and Singapore
  10. Sultan Husain and Temenggong Abdu'r-Rahman
  11. Temenggong Daing Ibrahim
  12. Sultan Abu Bakar

  1. Genealogical trees of the rulers of Johor, Riau-Lingga, Trengganu and Pahang
  2. The Bendaharas and Temenggongs of XVIIIth Century Johor
  3. Bendahara Sekudai and N. Sembilan
  4. Malay Forts at Sayong Pinang and Johor Lama by G.B. Gardiner
  5. Antiquities and ancient Sites
  6. Mr. Vaughan's description of Johor in 1702/03 A.D.
  7. List of Works Consulted
  8. Inscriptions on the grave-stone of Sultan Ala'u'ddin Riayat Shah by Engku 'Abdu'l-Hamid bin Engku 'Abdu'l-Majid

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