Yap Ah Loy 1837-1885

Reprint 9
Yap Ah Loy 1837-1885
By S.M. Middlebrook with an Introduction and three final chapters by J.M. Gullick
127pp. Size: 150x240mm. Softcover


  1. Early Days in Malaya
  2. Yap Ah Loy moves to Kuala Lumpur
  3. Quarrelling amongst the Malays
  4. Yap Ah Loy becomes Capitan China
  5. The Murder of "Sweet Potato" Ah Sze
  6. Raja Mahdi instals Yap Ah Loy as Capitan China
  7. Mahdi is driven out of Klang
  8. Yap Ah Loy seeks help from the Sultan
  9. The Kanching Massacre
  10. The First Attack on Kuala Lumpur
  11. Fighting round Rawang
  12. July to September, 1871
  13. Raja Asal changes sides
  14. The loss of Kuala Lumpur
  15. The end of the Civil War
  16. British Intervention in Selangor
  17. Yap Ah Loy as an Administrator
  18. The Last Years
Notes on the Text
Notes on the Sources Used
Map 1, Selangor in the 1870s
Map 2, The environs of Kuala Lumpur
Map 3, Ulu Selangor in the 1870s
Map 4, Kuala Lumpur in the 1880s

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